Dyrenes Venn - Stay away from Sinsen Dyreklinikk

Not resolved

Incredibly unserious! Our dog Cassie was amateurishly made for a removal of the lump in the breast.

We received no information following surgery. Wounded popping up because of poor stitching. We have taken pictures of stiches. This evolved into extremely acute with inflamed and open wounds and when we called Sinsen clinic, they referred us to another department where we had to pay full price to get stitched second time.

We got a great treatment of another clinic, which showed responsibility and worked overtime to get helped us with the problem.

Seems there anyway that it's pretty bad that it is we who have to pay for the sloppy work doctor from Sinsen Dyreklinikk who carried out the operation. We were met with arrogance when we called back to Sinsen Dyreklinikk to hear if they were willing to take responsibility for incompetence.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dyrenes Venn Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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